We design, launch and grow innovative new food and beverage brands that become the next generation of products for consumer packaged goods companies.



The Spinning Wheel Brands model was specifically created to incubate brand concepts and product development for new brands that target specific areas of product white space to meet consumer demand. In other words, we see the opportunity for new products and brands constantly…and founded Spinning Wheel Brands to bring those opportunities to market again, and again and again.

We’re like a mini-consumer packaged goods firm, building out multiple food brands to our core markets while commercializing the outputs of our food and beverage innovation engine.

We turn ‘ether’ into entities – we craft compelling new packaged food brands and delicious products aimed to fill a specifically targeted whitespace in a category. Our model: create the ‘Next Big Things’; grow them to viability; graduate our brands to strategic partners for their growing innovation portfolios; then do it again….and again.
— Julia Stamberger


  • Uncover where tactical white space exists for unmet consumer or retailer demand.

  • Network with hundreds of food companies – as brokers, buyers and sales consultants.

  • Leverage relationships to execute new product launches and distribution expansion.

  • Know the potential pitfalls, as well as the resources, required to overcome hurdles.

  • Rely on intimate knowledge of co-manufacturing, packaging and other processes.

  • Learn from our team’s collective experience of launching hundreds of SKUs to retail.

  • Share learnings behind multiple brands to lower the costs to develop new brands.

  • Launch multiple new brands concurrently, and efficiently validate their reason for being.